The Rubins

“Art is an attempt to break the boundaries of our ordinary life. It is an effort to find, recognize, capture things whose existence we can guess and which we can not grasp otherwise. ” (sculptor August Zamoyski)
– This motto reflects the delicate process that accompanies us during the creation of each object.

We create short, limited collections of lamps, sculptures and furniture. Our works are signed with Kost design.
Kost design is Katarzyna Kost and Wieńczysław Kost. Each project is the result of working together, combining different skills and experiences.

About Ars Vitrum

We called our company Ars Vitrum, which in Latin means “glass art” or “glass craft”. There are various contents in this name. Ars is a combination of art and craft that sets the goal of our work – we create unique objects that have a usable function.

Vitrum is a glass, or our favorite material. It is an extraordinary material with many seemingly mutually exclusive properties. It is artistic and can be formed freely. Depending on the conditions in which it is: it is delicate and fragile or hard and durable. Therefore, work with glass is a combination of creative processes, technology, experience and the unknown element, which results in the creation of a unique.