The Rubins

The desire to create beautiful things is fundamental but only hard work can transform wishes into genuine, durable beauty.

Justyna Zajc

Only the best materials only the best contractors only the best employees can provide the best quality.

Mariusz Zajc


We have been  listening to your needs since 1995. Choosing ZAJC KUCHNIE, you will discover Polish craft and Polish design at such a highly expected level.

We know that you come to us to find that “something” you like the most in the kitchen; it is something which cannot be offered by mass–producers. In Zajc we see each kitchen interior as a micro-universe which nature is created by the host/hostess himself/herself. Thus we provide uniqueness of furniture sets and size adjustability.

About ZAJC

We like talking, we always carry on consultations and interviews because we want to offer you the most accurate solutions, both the furniture and the household appliances. The design of each kitchen created by us is always consulted with an independent expert in order to eliminate any possible errors in the design.

We create extraordinary kitchens. With our brand, we create furniture for residences and apartments paying exceptional attention to every detail. We cooperate with the best designers. We are not afraid of brave ideas and we appreciate original solutions. The quality that we deliver to our customers is the greatest value for us.