The Rubins

The Rubins

At The Rubins, we represent over 30 years of experience in interior finishing and construction in close cooperation with architects and designers. The Rubins provide comprehensive service from consulting to importing and assembling. Our services are used mainly by architects and constructors but also by individuals.

We can deliver a wide variety of products for furnishing hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, offices or high-rise building lobbies – all custom made.

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We are ready to support you in choosing the best interior design to complete your idea. From windows and doors, office spaces and house solutions to home and garden decor. We work with talented, reliable and qualified Polish interior designers and companies that have a sense of style and luxurious touch. With our passion for details, we offer you products that will refine your project.

We are passionate company created by the Rubin family. Vlodeck Rubin has extensive experience in interior project management and cooperation with international markets in the United States, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. Vlodeck’s daughter, Adi Rubin, gained her experience in design and customer relations in the fashion industry. Together they exhibit artistic souls as well as strong project implementation.


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