The Rubins

Listen to the voice of the CAL trademark – manufacturer of real doors

You want it to be beautiful, calm, safe. You want it to speak about you – your taste, your desires and values. To be full of positive emotions and honest gestures. And never lacking warmth. You just want it to be… real.

CAL door are made with love to nature, crafted manually by skilled craftsmen having passion and respect to the material. Our offer includes also a truly wide entrance – almost three-meters-wide and two-and-a-half-meter-tall. We exist for you and to care for your home. Your own piece of the world. Together with our employees, we have been running a family company for almost 35 years. We cooperate with such companies as Winkahus, VBH, Teknos or 3M.

CAL Doors

A real home needs real doors. Ones made of real wood, harvested in a natural way – as natural as you and your care for your closest ones. Doors that were made by hands treating the wood like a treasure, with love. Solid and durable like family bonds, designed with any household challenge in mind. Guarding the warmth and the peace, so needed when you return from the cold and harried world. And in your style. Doors you always dreamed of, and we made your dreams come true. For you, we can make both interior and exterior doors. Including wood-aluminium ones. In accordance with your internal “me”. Warm and safe. Our doors are made from the highest quality composite material, that is, from natural wood – a 100% renewable resource, and thus a truly ecological one.