The Rubins

PAP DECO is a Polish, family enterprise, a pioneer in creating 100% brass wall decorations and furniture handles using traditional casting technology.

PAP DECO is a brand, which most of all, creates exclusive brass wall decorations and unique furniture handles using traditional casting technology.

We handmade all PAP DECO products, taking care of every detail. Thanks to practically unlimited composition options and an unbelievable appearance of the products on the wall due to exposition to the source of light, walls decorated with PAP DECO, become a timeless work of art.


Piotr and Marcin Papliński grew up in an artistic family with 28 years of experience in metalwork, including i.a. production of exclusive statuettes for the most important events in Poland. Great understanding of brass’s characteristics and its functions, long-standing contact with the material and a latter discover of a market niche, led brothers to their first wall decoration (the Icon). Currently, Piotr and Marcin Papliński run their entreprise together with their Father that instilled them passion not only to brass, but most of all to craft and art.

PAP DECO was designed to respond to the needs of those, who first and foremost appreciate aesthetic, uniqueness, timelessness and quality.